Welcome to the first ever European Union trade fair in Armenia (Fair).

In order to maximise the benefits of the Fair, besides the main participants displaying their products and services, the business visitors from the EU, Armenia, Iran and other countries will take part at the Fair. The Fair may create business and investment opportunities, with possibility to establish joint ventures. The attractiveness of the Fair for a business visitor is the possibility to explore investment and partnership opportunities, compare prices and conditions, obtain ideas for company products and services, meet new business partners, gain an overview of Armenian market, assess the economic situation and business prospects, as well as attend conferences, special shows, and assess the options for participating as an exhibitor. There will be 3 information booths dedicated for this reason.

No visa required for the EU citizens entering Armenia.

All participants must fill out the form below. An email confirming your registration will be sent to you once the process is complete. The online registration form will be available till September 5, 2017.

Registration closed